Why would you want to leave your bicycle uncovered?

Many cyclists want an additional layer of protection beyond their bike’s lock and chain. And having bicycle insurance – just makes sense.

A lot of people believe that specialist insurance is very expensive but this is far from the case. For as little as the price of a chocolate bar a week you can have peace of mind when it comes to your cycling adventures.

What Sundays cover

Your bike is likely to cost hundreds of pounds, and more and more of us are using bikes as our primary form of transport for work. But with more than 250,000 bikes stolen each year in the UK is this really something you want to happen to you and potentially be left out of pocket? We don’t believe you should be.

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Accidental damage

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Whether it's a high speed crash or a coffee stop tumble, we’ll get you back on your bike either by repairing your bicycle or replacing the damaged parts.
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Replacement bicycle hire reimbursement

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We will reimburse you up to £500 for bicycle hire per the reasonable use of public transport while you await the repair or replacement of your bike, arising from an approved claim.
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Theft from and away from home

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Getting your bike stolen is just about the worst thing that can happen, but don’t worry - we cover theft from and away from your home.
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Malicious damage

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If you lock your bike up and return to find it has been damaged, either by a vandal or by a thief trying to steal it, we’ll cover the costs to repair it to it’s previous condition.
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Domestic travel with your bicycle

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Entrusting transport of your bicycle to an airline, ship, train, or truck while you're travelling? No stress. We can cover your bicycle for loss or damage in transit anywhere in the UK.
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Transporting your bicycle on a bike rack

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If you regularly transport your bike on your roof, chances are that someday you’ll forget your bike is there while driving into your garage. Oops. Don’t worry, we cover your bicycle when you transport it on your car.
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New for old

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If your beloved machine is pinched, we'll cover your bike new for old. Remember to keep your proof of purchase info, we'll need it for your claim.
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Optional racing cover

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Select racing and event coverage to insure your bicycle if the damage is caused by a specific incident, crash, impact, or road hazard while taking part in a race or event. You don’t have to choose it and pay for it if you don’t want your coverage to extend to races.
Subject to the policy terms and conditions, including limits and exclusions
of the insurance policy.

How it works

Easy coverage in a couple of steps

1. Tell us about your bike

Enter information about you, your bicycle, and what you need.

2. Get your instant quote

We’ll walk you through policy options.

3. That’s it!

Your Policy Schedule will be at your fingertips faster than you can get on your bike and ride it. Which, if we’re being honest, is pretty fast!

What people say about Sundays

Excellent service. They took care of me and my bike from the start of the claim until it was returned to the bike shop for reassembly the way guiding me and updating me.

I have never experienced such a level of service from any insurance provider in my life.

Now I have both my bikes insured :-) and to think I just saw their ad through Strava Premium freebies!


Great service!

Thank you to the team at Sundays! Never had cycling insurance before but after too many near misses commuting it was about time.

So easy and helpful, the team is very knowledgeable and honest. After sharing stories (Good luck with The Transcontinental!) and hearing their passion for cycling, I am very happy with my choice.

Hannah Moore

Protecting your passion